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Subnivean follows Dan, a man in his early 30s, as he navigates the challenges of coping with loss and isolation in the midst of changing seasons.

The story takes place on his deceased father's farm in rural Massachusetts and unfolds through different moments in time. We witness Dan's connection to his father and childhood memories, his efforts to maintain the farm, and his struggle with anxiety and loneliness.

As Dan grapples with his emotions, he finds solace in seeking intense sensory feelings, and connecting back to his memories with his father by trying to grow seeds and tend to the animals during the winter months. The film explores the interplay between memory, nature, and family while highlighting his journey to find hope and healing in the cold.



This film is the culmination of my work as an undergraduate student. I wrote, directed, produced and edited this project, with support from my peers at both Simon’s Rock and Oberlin College.

Inspired by my experience growing up on my family's farm in rural Connecticut, this film fuses memories I have had in my life into a fictional character and story line.

Through the character of Dan and the evolving seasons of rural Connecticut, "Subnivean" weaves together loss, memory, and resilience. With this film I hope to offer viewers a glimpse into the universal journey of finding solace amidst life's ever-changing landscapes, and healing from loss through connection to the land.

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